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One of the most important document needed when applying for a business or employment related visa is a comprehensive and thorough business plan.

The business plan is a critical element of the visa application requirements because it documents that the start up business or the investment is sustainable, at risk and feasible. Additionally forecast and support the fact that the applicant on its executive or managerial role will be able to “stimulate the U.S. economy through job creation and capital investment” according to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS).

In many instances, for those applying for a business or employment related visa, the terminology is foreign, the process is complicated, and the application is nearly impossible without the assistance of an attorney who specializes in immigration applications and Exoodus  for assistance with the business plan requirement aspect of the application.

Your business plan is not only a key and crucial element to obtain the approval for the visa you are applying for but will represent the blueprint to structuring a strong business, secure your investment and most importantly improve your chances to renew your visa.

A successful business plan requires extensive financial details, industry analysis, a clear marketing strategy and a detailed management structure. Through these, and other, essential components, and the criteria required by the specific visa you are applying for, your business plan acts as major support to your overall visa application and approval success.


Investor Visa

E-2 Visas, commonly referred to as Investor Visas, are meant for nationals of a treaty country who are looking to start or expand businesses in the United States.


Intra Company
Transferee Visa

L-1A visas allow companies from the United States. transferring an executive or professional employee from one of its affiliated foreign offices to one of its offices in the United States.




Program Visa

Visas enable U.S. employers to transfer an executive or professional employee from one of its affiliated foreign offices to one of its offices in the United States. Qualifying for an L-1 Visa holds certain requirements that need to be met prior to obtaining the Visa.

There’s a simple way to greatly improve your odds:

get an immigration visa plan developed by professionals and experts.  Our specialized immigration team has created more than hundreds of  E-2 and L-1A visa business plans and EB-5 direct investment plans. We collaborate with hundreds of law firms nationwide, keeping up to date on what exactly the immigration officers look for: 

1) Substantial, at-risk capital investment

2) Feasible and Realistic financial projections and job creation forecasting

3) Clear, quantified market segmentation and industry analysis

4) Executive or Managerial Roles on visa applicants

5) Detailed Management Job descriptions, duties and responsibilities




Focus on Visa Approval.
Our main focus is to get your visa application approved based on USCIS requirements.

Visa Renewal.
Visa Approval is only the beginning on your immigration path. Our primary focus is not only on first time visa approval but the visa renewal or extension, achievable only with a comprehensive and most importantly, a feasible business plan.

USCIS Compliance.
Our immigration business plans are drafted according to your individual case and visa type. Solely focused on immigration content and requirements, formatted following USCIS guidelines.

Industry Wide experience.
No matter what your industry is, our professional staff has a vast experience in any industry from Manufacturing and Distribution, Automotive, Technology, Consumer goods and retail, Home Products & Services, International Trade, e-commerce, Food and Beverage, Real Estate and more.

USCIS Updated.
Up to date on current immigration requirements, latest trends and policies.


Individual Crafted Business Plan.
Not one size fits all. Not all plans are created equal. Each business plan is written from scratch and according to your specific case.

Personalized Service.
We are here for you to support your immigration process all the way. Consulting services included.
Peace of Mind. Communication & collaboration with you and your attorney. Our plans are not done until your visa application is out.


Request for Evidence analysis and recommendation on what exactly to respond to USCIS. RFE’s changes on your business plan is always free.

Post Visa
Business Plan update with actual results is a key element to get your visa renewal approved. We support you to stay focused and true with your strategic plan.

Business Support
Getting your visa approval is only the beginning. We guide you through other business requirements with local, state and federal agencies to stay in compliance, accounting and tax planning.

Our Process:

1- Free Consutation.
Get in touch with us by email or phone and one of our project managers will contact you to schedule a phone call to answer any questions or concerns.

2- Gather Information:
Once an initial consultation is scheduled and service retained, your dedicated business associate will collect all relevant information related to your case in order to assess the best plan of action to focus your immigration business plan.

3-Document draft:
a draft is presented and discussed with the customer for an initial review.

4-Final document:
Final Draft is sent to customer and attorney. Communication and collaboration with both to review and propose any necessary changes according to immigration attorney strategy.


“I used the services of BP Strategics twice, always with positive results. Mr. Park is an excellent professional, very serious and focused on every detail. He developed two business plans with their due updates for my company. I would definitely use his services to my business again. “

Diego Strauss.

Auto Car Financial

“For us it has been very satisfactory to have your support and guidance in this process of starting the company’s operations as well as in the timely advice on tax issues and obligations with US government entities. For the following year, the company has very good growth expectations, so we hope to continue with all the support provided to date by your firm “

Javier Aguilera.


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