Real Estate Return on Investment

Don’t invest blind-sided. Get your Real Estate Investment Analysis now! 

Thinking about buying a new rental property? Or want to check up how your existing rental unit is performing? Frustrated for poor performing real estate investment? How do you know if you are getting a good return on your real estate investment?

To successfully decide whether a property is worth buying, an investor must have critical information on two types of returns: Cash-on-cash return on investment, and total return on investment.

Return on investment, also known as ROI is the single most important metric to consider when assessing a real estate investment. ROI is the way the investor can measure how much profit a property is or will accumulate.

 Calculating the ROI on your single or multiple investment properties is critical to know how your investment is performing, forecast the return on investment or when comparing one investment to another

Our comprehensive Real estate ROI analysis will give you the necessary information to have an educated investment decision, avoid the frustrating surprises at the end of fiscal year and have peace of mind that you have invested wisely. Multiple factors are evaluated and estimated, including without limitations to Purchase price, loan terms, appreciation rate, occupancy rate, gross rent, expenses, holding period, earning before and after taxes, property taxes, capital gain taxes, depreciation recapture, net cash flow after disposition, financial ratios and assumptions and other factors are considered in our full range Real Estate Investment analysis.